The Most Useful Undocumented SharePoint 2007/2010 Shortcuts

Here are a few of the most useful SharePoint shortcuts, which work in all versions of SharePoint 2007 and 2010 (even 2003).

Enter page web part maintenance mode

Append ?contents=1 to the URL of the page for which you want to enter maintenance mode, for example:

Enter page edit mode

Including system pages, such as view or edit pages: NewForm.aspx, EditForm.aspx, AllItems.aspx, etc.
In Internet Explorer’s URL bar type:


For more details on ShowToolPane parameter, you can refer to this old MSDN article.

Heads up: There is one thing you must seriously consider before editing a system page. This lesson I learnt the hard way from exposing modified edit pages to end-users. When you modify a previously read-only system page, such as a view or edit form, through the shortcut explain above, you make it available for editing to anyone who has contribute rights on that library or list. Hence that page becomes vulnerable to accidental changes by non-power users, because previously hidden Edit Page menu will be visible to them in Site Actions menu.

Access administration pages

A few quick shortcuts that I find not only can save time, but also help bypass obscurity created by system administrators:

http://site/_layouts/savetmpl.aspx – Save site as a template
http://site/_layouts/create.aspx – Create (libraries, lists, pages, sites)
http://site/_layouts/settings.aspx – Site settings
http://site/_layouts/newsbweb.aspx – Create a new site or workspace
http://site/_layouts/sitemanager.aspx – Site content and structure browser

2 thoughts on “The Most Useful Undocumented SharePoint 2007/2010 Shortcuts”

  1. Note: if you want to use the javascript:MSOLayout_ToggleLayoutMode(); you need to have a web part already on the page in MOSS 2010. Otherwise the correct JS file that contains that function is not loaded. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I am looking to deovlep a solution (using out of the box web parts or SharePoint Designer) that will allow me to rollup all User Tasks lists from a single site into one List that will still display the title of the task and an active link to the InfoPath form being approved/rejected. We are using MOSS2007, Office 2010, and SharePoint Designer 2007. All workflows are written in SharePoint Designer with NO .net code.A little more about the scenario: We have 8 InfoPath forms published on 4 different subsites . I would like to set up a custom home page that would display the logged in users’ outstanding tasks on one site. Currently managers must check 4 different subsites for their tasks or rely solely on the email notifications of tasks (which have been unreliable at best due to an unreliable email server different issue).I have toyed with a content query webpart and can get the actual tasks to display, but not the links to the actual forms. It’s probably a matter of not knowing how to write the queries any guidance/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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