Merging VMware Fusion/Workstation Virtual Split Disk into a Single VMDK

Every time you create a new virtual machine in VMware Fusion/Workstation, it is always created with a virtual disk (VMDK) split up into 2Gb files. One of the main reasons for that, I guess would be a limitation of FAT-32 file system – maximum file size of 2Gb. However, if you are no longer using FAT file system and would like to convert the default vmdk into one single pre-allocated file, here is what you can do.

In order to convert the existing virtual disk to a single .vmdk file you would need to use a console application ‘VMware Virtual Disk Manager’ located in '/Library/Application Support/VMWare Fusion' folder.

Follow these two steps:

– open your Mac terminal console (Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal) and navigate to the folder with your VMware disk image

– from that folder run the following command (typing VMware’s diskmanager path with backslash prefixes for space):

/Library/Application\ Support/VMWare\ Fusion/vmware-diskmanager -r originalSplitDisk.vmdk -t 0 targetSingleDisk.vmdk

If you are running VMware Workstation on Windows, you can use the same command with the only difference that vmware-vdiskmanager.exe would be located in a folder where VMware Workstation was installed, e.g.: C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation.

Documentation and other examples for VMware Virtual Disk Manager use:

5 thoughts on “Merging VMware Fusion/Workstation Virtual Split Disk into a Single VMDK”

  1. Gilbert M HaleRenaming the .lck files (safer than deleting until I viiefred it would work ) worked perfectly for me. I am running VMware Server 2 under an Ubuntu Server v-8.04 64 bit platform, Dell Precision T3400 8Gb RAM machine. I had been running several VMware Workstation machines under XP Pro with VMware Workstation v-6.5 with a Dell Vostro 220 4Gb RAM machine, and wanted to migrate the virtual machines to the VMWare Server 2 for better load balancing, and on a higher RAM machine for greater concurrent virtual machine density. Imagine my surprise when the first imported machine worked great. The others did not, until I renamed the .lck files. Your post saved me hours of setting up new virtual machines.Thank You!Gil

  2. I was able to merge it in to single disk. But when I turn on vm I lost all my information inside virtual machine. Including the application all I have installed it. Do you know how to I get my previous state with out loos of data.


  3. hey thanks for the site

    but i have the problem that the merged disc is createt on the main partition and because my host pc has a ssd i am unable to store so many data on it …
    is there a way around that if so pleas reply i am running out of options ^^
    thanks in forward … hope to hear soon

  4. unfortunately there’s no workaround saving space for in-place merge, so you would need extra space for merging. I can suggest getting an external hard-drive just for the merge, and then you can move the merged disk from external drive back to ssd. hope it works.

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