UX Design Patterns

Just like design patterns play a key role in software development discipline, there are design patterns used in the field of user experience design (UX). Here is a great collection of design patters for information architects, as well as software developers, collected and organized in a very friendly way, with plenty of illustrations and explanations.

Free library of UX design patterns: Quince by Infragistics

Quince (pronounced kwinse) is a rich, interactive user experience (UX) design patterns library produced for the software community by Infragistics at no charge.

Note: Terminology: With regards to other very popular acronyms, like IA (Information Architecture) and UI (User Interface), UX is actually much more general and inclusive term and discipline, whereas IA and UI are more of subdisciplines of UX. UX on Wikipedia:

In the web world, user experience is sometimes conflated with usability, information architecture (IA), and user interface (UI) design, all of which are components of it. User experience addresses and integrates all user-facing aspects of a company, from email and web sites to off-site presence in print and on other sites.

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